Perry’s planes: Should we care who’s paying?

My reading question for the week comes from the article “For Perry, Private Jets Have Been Key to Public Job” by Mike McIntire.

Of all the readings I found this one to be particularly interesting. I’m curious to hear what you thought about the angle of the story. I thought it was well crafted because it approaches the topic of analyzing a candidate’s climate position by examining the behind-the-scene aspect of some of his behaviors, such as traveling. So my question here is do you feel this angle was helpful in getting the “truth”? Was it balanced enough in its investigation? Or do you think the author had the story written beforehand?

And as a follow up question, this article also made me curious to ask, to what extent should reporters allow their political biases to shape their work? How can reporters provide a sense of transparency so readers know what stance the author takes?

I hope these questions help you engage with the reading!

-Siena Witte


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