The Price of News

As I read the articles about newspapers, like the Ann Arbor News that have become only online news outlets, or have significantly reduced their print papers, I began to wonder if this is something to be embraced or something that needs to stop. I thought about my twin brother who is going to be a sports journalist, and felt that he should be able to write for a print newspaper like all of the journalists we grew up reading, because it’s part of the intrigue of being a journalist and because it feels official and important when you see your name in a newspaper. But, then, what makes newspaper journalist different from reporters on TV? Why should we pay for papers to get our news (in some cases) if we aren’t really paying to get the news from CNN on TV?

Anyone can pay to get internet and in so doing, get access to thousands of news sources, and anyone can pay to get cable on TV and get many news options as well. Why should newspapers online be able to charge fees to read it (NYTimes)? What differentiates TV news and newspaper news that people feel so strongly about “saving” print newspapers and that having news accessible online is not as valuable as print newspapers, somehow? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!


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