Wait, there are ads on Facebook? Reading question

After years of being a Facebook junkie, I finally stopped after reading this article on Facebook’s implications on the media. I looked on my News Feed and saw the ads. They’re everywhere! I guess they have become white nose to me, which completely supports the point of this article. I don’t go on Facebook to shop, I go there to get my unhealthy dose of gossip and distasteful news.

This brings up a relatively simple questions for journalists and media companies: In a time where media budgets are closely monitored and some companies are in danger of going out of business, is there really a point of using Facebook to advertise? I mean, the company pays Facebook to put an ad up that no one pays attention to. This may be an interesting question when we are at the newsroom in Detroit. Or maybe this is just me. Does anyone use Facebook’s ads on your profile to shop? I’m interested to know. 


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