Creepy Facebook Ads

When I saw Adam’s post, I laughed out loud. I have to agree with him – I never see the Facebook ads anymore because my brain has learned to not look at the direct right or left of a Facebook page. However, I recall clearly when Facebook started using ads. They were creepy. At that time, I was playing Field Hockey for my High School, and was the Drum Major of our Marching Band. Therefore, all my ads were about field hockey clinics and marching band apparel (I, too, do not know exactly what “marching band apparel’ means).

The article for this week therefore surprised me – how are Facebook ads so ineffective if they are so tailored to me? Every once in a while I’ll click the ad, but they;re always there. What does Facebook mean by an ‘effective ad?” Does it measure how many times the ad is clicked or seen? If the latter, I’d say that Facebook is quite effective. I then would like to reiterate the question posed by the article – does it matter the click rate? If literally millions of people are on Facebook each day, and millions of people are seeing the ad (if not clicking), then does it really matter how many people click it?


One Response to “Creepy Facebook Ads”

  1. Becky — Interesting observations. Next time, if your observations are related to Adam’s, please post them as a comment on Adam’s post. Thanks!

    How did Mark Zuckerberg become so wealthy, right? Are all the people who invested in Facebook going to lose even more of their money than they’ve lost so far, if they bought stock on the first day it was offered?

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