Social Media and News

It’s interesting how many people are actually on Facebook these days. In fact, when I meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook, I find it strange. How else am I supposed to learn every detail about them? Not that I stalk every single one of my Facebook friends, social media does provide that option. I liked this article’s comparison of Facebook to a crowded bar. There are more and more distractions everywhere. Whether it be friends, games, advertisements, or other forms of entertainment, it cannot be escaped. However, it may be true that everyone wants to go to the popular bar, but does it reach a point of becoming too popular? Is it possible that Facebook will ever start to die out?

Much of journalism today has moved away from hard copies and more towards a digital format. A lot of news can be found on social media sites, even though there is no way to distinguish if it came from a reputable source. I see hundred’s of Facebook statuses and tweets daily. It seems as though everyone has something to share, whether it be an opinion about a noteworthy topic, or a picture of someone’s lunch, it can all be found in the same place. Social media sites can provide links to pertinent news stories, but it should not be the sole source of them. Is it possible that social media will alter the way the public perceives news stories? Does social media help or hurt the journalism¬†industry?


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