We’ve heard about the ecological niche, but what about a journalism niche?

In the Michigan’s Morphing Media article, I thought the idea of  “Circle of Blue” as a network of “journalists, scientists, and communication design experts” that reports on water issues was unique. Rather than acting as a broader news source that publishes stories on a variety of topics, it’s highly specialized and focuses on the many and complicated aspects of water and “presents the information necessary to respond to the global freshwater crisis.” In essence, it has created it’s own information niche. By carving out its own place in the journalism world and providing “specialized content…that can’t be found in such detail anywhere else,” Circle of Blue is avoiding competition with other news sources.

We’ve also read a few pieces this week about newspapers closing or going completely digital. That said, do you think that the future of journalism is heading toward these more specialized news outlets? Do you think we will move away from these broader news sources that report on a variety of topics and transition to news that is more focused on specific subjects? Along similar lines, do you think that these specialized sources are sustainable?

 I read this article on the Knight Digital Media Center site that suggests that these more specialized sites are part of the transition from print to digital journalism. Do you agree? Do you think that these sources will lost much of their audience base by going specific or will this be balanced by new readers that are interested in this specialized content? It also provides a list of some more specialized sites as well as additional reading and resources on this idea, check it out!!


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