Asserting Validity: Freelance Freedom

The Jay Rosen Article lead me to read his pro position on the role of the internet for journalism debate in the Economist. I found this quite interesting and finally uplifting for Rosen to take a supportive position of the internet. But I couldn’t help think of and explore the issue, which was described or more implied to be about power relations and the journalist feeling of lost authority. I can guess that an journalist might feel that a newspaper or publishing entity would normally have the power to deem the writer credible and the readers trust this source. But without the validation of this separate entity, journalists might speculate that their work would not hold the same significance, or being undermined by the business model. In fact, the evolving and more realistic desire for always accesible information might work to a reporter’s advantage. (In some ways, it might make the job more flexible and less dictated by editors. Chasing their own leads and stories!

It seems understandable for current journalists to feel threatened by the potential loss of audience but in fact, readers are then forced to draw less assumptions based on the larger company or structure. So my conclusion, and question, what are ways that freelance journalists establish their own authority via the internet without depending on the constructed validity of their larger publishing network?

Making Journalism Better – The Economist


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