In The Quill’s…

In The Quill’s article, Michigan’s Morphing Media, journalist Lori F. Brost and Maria B. Marron detail the morphosis of Ann Arbor’s News sources. What I found most provoking about this piece was the author’s report on how online publication served as a hub for community engagement: “The strength of the online publication was that it was able to engage, connect and mobilize,” Dearing said. ”To me, that’s a community hub. That’s being a real community resource with the whole community becoming aware, mobilizing and changing public policy because of the way you exist and operate online.” 

On that note, I then wonder how journalist who create this community space (either on forum/responses section of their  website) react. Is it appropriate for journalists to communicate back or even to defend their piece or rebuke a point made? If there is discussion back-and-forth, if the journalist still a journalist, or are they just another voice in a dialogue?


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