In order to make the Storfiy as easy as possible to create, I think it might be wise to include a single hashtag in all of our tweets on Tuesday. For example, the Daily is using #umichvotes to search for tweets and create its Storify for the election. We could either use that as well or brainstorm another one here.


One Response to “#Election2012”

  1. Great idea, Alicia. I like to encourage use of our class hashtag #A2jstu on all posts related to the class and then any other hashtags that seem appropriate. It’s a good idea to notice what hashtags are trending around an event like an election and use hashtags that are already popular. I also like to put the hashtag sign, #, in front of key words in each tweet. Knowing how to use twitter is a new kind of literacy — an MSU prof calls it twitteracy. We all need to be at least a little familiar with twitter.

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