Trends Shaping Digital News

Here is an article from the Pew Research Center’s website outlining some interesting trends in how people use digital news sources:

The Pew Research Center is described on its wikipedia page as, “an American think tank based in Washington, D.C., that provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends shaping the United States and the World.” Honestly, I do not know much about this organization, or whether they have a certain amount of bias or not, but their article does make a person think about how the face of media is changing / has already changed.

Read the article and post a response. If you would like, respond to one of the questions below:

Do you think major news organizations are responding appropriately to these trends?

After reading these reports, do your news digesting habits fit into the “majority” or “minority” of those represented by the polls?

If you were in charge of an organization responsible for distributing news to the public, what platform would you choose and why? Television? Social media? A website? Something else?


2 Responses to “Trends Shaping Digital News”

  1. Great article Charlie! I think all of the trends listed make sense and are relevant just from judging my own digital and news consumption habits. The interesting thing about this article too is that it really makes you think about how we perceive and process news stories in this day and age. Because so much of the news that we consume is peppered throughout our facebook feeds and tweetdecks, I think sometimes we aren’t even aware of what we’re reading or taking in.

    Your first question regarding news organizations and their response to these trends was especially interesting to me. Being more familiar with receiving news updates through twitter, I think it is really amazing the ability to spread news is as quickly and easily as clicking on the “retweet” button. Though every possible news organization has a twitter and definitely takes advantage of the use of social media to spread articles and information, I sometimes wonder what the implications might be since these news organizations only have 140 characters to explain an entire important event or subject. Someone who frequents twitter might be in the habit of only reading the tweet rather than the whole article and thus not understand the full implications of the event or story. While more people may now be more aware of a number of things that happen around them and around the world, I wonder if the quality or depth of information that they are receiving is the same.

  2. Hi Charlie. You posted a fantastic article this week that has really allowed me to think a bit more about the changes news reporting and consumption are going through.

    You ask if i think whether or not major news organizations are responding appropriately to the trends that are described in this article. Yes, i definitely think this is the case. All too often if we hear about a local newspaper being shut down, there is normally a person around who says “obviously they didn’t switch to digital media soon enough”.

    The internet has become a part of our daily lives and I think that news organizations have recognized this. I myself would have to be in the majority that is represented by these polls. In fact, even the older folks that I know (my parents, uncles, aunts, etc) have all adopted the internet as their source of information. If you ask my dad why he turned away from his regular newspaper, he would probably tell you that the internet was much more convenient for him and gave him a better variety of stories. The websites that I frequent for my daily source of news have utilized all the digital tools possible to create user friendly, yet catchy, layouts that pull a reader in.

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