Thoughts on Depression

I am just going to note a few interesting things from the articles that I’ve read about depression:

1. It’s interesting to refer to major depression as ‘unipolar’ because the person doesn’t swing from manic depression to a bewildering state of euphoria, which would be considered bipolar disorder.

2. I never knew that mood disorders, including depression, could eventually lead to disability.

3. I always knew that depressed people tend to be less productive, but never thought that in the long-run, the economy would be affected as well.

4. The media’s readily availability can spread suicide contagion amongst the depressed.

5. 11% of adolescents will have a depressive disorder by the time they turn 18

The article talking about depression in a scientific fashion made more sense to me and honestly appealed to me more, as it focused on the bare bones of what depression was, symptoms, etc. Some of the NY Times articles, in my opinion, appeared to just be terrifying and made me cringe the more I read on due to statistics and disturbing stories.

Either way, I guess both kinds of writing brought to my attention how serious depression was, especially for younger people.

After reading some of these articles in the opinion section, I feel like it’s also important to read articles that are biased if you are not sure of your own views because it helps you put together the facts and allows you to view the subject in a different perspective. Expressing your opinion on facts provided gives you an individualistic voice on a certain topic, and opens room for discussion, which I think is essential for progression.


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