A Look Into Rachel Morgan’s Everyday Life

One week with Rachel Morgan has changed my entire outlook on what is perceived as a “normal” day for people. I first met Rachel in a dining hall in Ann Arbor where she mentioned her goal of earning a PHD in Immunology and studying arthritis. I have learned a great deal about Rachel from her lab work with Judy to singing in a choir at the West Side United Methodist Church that helps her continue with life, despite the constant pain.

On her fridge is a picture of her adopted brother, Danny, and her mother, Janette. Rachel takes 35-40 pills a day, applies Voltaren Gel 2-3 times a day, uses Myristin cream, and takes a shot of Embrel to decrease inflammation. Her Spondyloarthritis is hereditary which is why she has decided to not have kids because she does not want them to suffer with the pain that she has had since she was 12.

Rachel winds down with ice packs, medicine lotions, and her nightly Skype with her mother.

Documentary photography pictures here: http://mrisbeck.wix.com/michelinaphotography#!documentary/c1vz0


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