Newsroom Reflection

Visiting The Detroit News and Channel 4 today was a really great experience, putting into perspective how these local organizations work, creating and sharing news constantly.  At The Detroit News, I found it interesting that many of the people in the news meeting were older.  I wonder if there are younger writers and reporters in the different sections (sports/business/health etc) that influence them on their story ideas.  The ideas seem to be targeted towards an older audience.  Also, for writers and reporters, they all spoke quietly, were not very enthusiastic about their pitches.    I found the validity in the photographs.  They made seemingly boring stories seem more interesting, selling it in the news meeting.  It made me want to shoot documentary photography again.  Similarly, Channel 4 showed us how important technology is in a news station.  They are reliable on not only writers and reporters, but tech staff, editors, lighting, video, and producers.


About Nikki Horowitz

Nikki Horowitz, a native New Yorker, is currently a senior BFA Interarts Performance major at the University of Michigan, enrolled in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance and the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design. She is an inspiring creative artist, focused on photography, videography, art directing, directing, producting, journalism and film/theatre production.

3 Responses to “Newsroom Reflection”

  1. Understanding the process of news from a simple pitch idea to a printed article was more complex than I would have imagined. I also was unaware of the size of the team needed to cover news, including “behind-the-scenes” people like the engineers and pre-production. After taking a tour through Local 4 News with Sarah, I felt that she really loved her job and I appreciated the stories she told about why journalism is important to her. I loved when Sarah told us about a 4 year old boy who was able to make it through a heart transplant and join the basketball team. I never truly realized the power that journalism has in bringing people together to gain an understanding of what people are facing and who cares. It was an enlightening experience and I will never look at news the same way again.

  2. What surprised me most about the newsroom was how collaborative of a space it was. People working on different aspects, such as weather, sports, or local, still rely on each other for potential news stories, follow-ups, and suggestions on who to talk to. The meeting at the Detroit Printing Press was probably the most interesting moment of the field trip for me because I was able to see how stories were put together and what they had considered to be important for the public to know about. Even though it was a Friday, it appeared a lot was going on, and I’m hopeful to see what the atmosphere is like on a busy weekday.

  3. I really loved the trip to both the Detroit News newsroom and Channel 4. In particular, I was quite interested in how an MPH made her way into the news and what that looked like for her. As a pre-health focused student, I was fascinated by her decision to ditch the traditional route and find something she was passionate about that overlapped with her skill set. Touring that facility was also awesome just because it brought something to life that generally I just see from the opposite side of a television set. Who knew so many different types of people – tech people, reporters, engineers, writers, producers, etc. – go into making the news happen?

    I would like to echo what Nikki said about the reporters sounding very un-enthusiastic about their pitches. I was sort of expecting a more lively discussion and a bit more excitement from the people pitching their stories. However, I did find [again] that the mix of people in the room who were collaborating on each story was fantastic and a great way to get the best out of each pitch.

    The last thing that struck me and I thought was a great idea was how they were tracking their viewership up on the fourth floor at the first place we went to in the Detroit News building (of which name I can’t remember.) Their method for that was pretty interesting and I liked how they could filter it by #puremichigan. I think there was probably a lot that could be found with that tool and it could help them for future campaigns to increase viewership and give the people what they want.

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