Documenting Sustainable Farming in Kenya (Visual Story Telling)

Here is my piece to contribute to our visual story telling segment. I made this film through an internship with Actuality Media, a media organization committed to social change. They have interns make short documentaries that can serve as promotionals for regional NGO’s.

Permanent Culture documents the journey of Joseph, a man who once worked in exploitative sugarcane fields but then found work at Palos Farm. At this permaculture farm, Joseph has not only found more fulfilling work, but also acquired leadership and ecological knowledge that allows him to now be a pillar of support for his family and community. Through his journey, the film explores the benefits of sustainable farming for both the environment and workers.

Based in the monopolized sugarcane region of Kisumu, Kenya, Palos Farm is setting an example to neighboring farms that permaculture is the way forward.


2 Responses to “Documenting Sustainable Farming in Kenya (Visual Story Telling)”

  1. I really enjoyed this story and was very impressed by the quality of it! I work with a group on campus called Sustainability Without Borders and this is the kind of work we are trying to do and being able to see a sustainable project be so successful and seeing the locals really be the ones in charge is truly a wonderful thing to see. I loved how at the end, I just felt good. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the “big picture” and get discouraged; being able to see small success stories in terms of sustainability is a good reminder that there is hope. Seeing people come up with new and creative ways everyday to be more sustainable is very uplifting to me.

  2. Beautiful story, Levi. I’m interested to hear how long you worked on it, what the obstacles were, how you found the story. The credit list is so long. What did all those people do? Also, what was the reaction to the film?

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