Modernization and Conservation: Farming Pollution Risks in Context

In the New York Times article by John Eligon on the environmental and community implications of a pig farm being established on a pristine river in Arkansas, the article seeks to explore how the decision to allow for a farm is adjudicated through state, federal and local governance. The essential question the article asks is: can modern farming and environmental conservation coexist?

In an effort to develop the point of view of the environmentalists and the industrialists, the journalist uses a combination of historical narration on the issue and statistics. Which of these methods do you, as the reader, find to be more effective in conveying the different angles of the story?A specific issue the story discusses is regulation of CAFOs, concentrated animal feeding operations, and the required permits. As the article states, in response to uproar over the farm being built, the state has now imposed more strict notification requirements. How do you think an article such as this one, in a prominent national publication, would change the scope of the issue or how it is managed by state authorities and other policy agencies?


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