“More Canadian trash dumped in Michigan landfills; see who else sends trash here”


In the mlive article about Canadian trash coming to Michigan, the reporter discusses the issue of trash importation from Canada and other states. The article relies heavily on statistics, offering data on cubic yards of waste in 2013 and now, the percentage of Michigan landfills that consists of trash from other states or Canada, statistics on the total waste decline in Michigan, and business statistics on landfill company earnings. The article intersperses the heavy use of statistical data with three quotes from two different spokespeople or public affairs directors. The effect of the limited human voice and then those two voices being from positions of image representation, creates a deficit in hearing the true voice and impact on people of this story. A method this article uses to expand the scope of its material is link to past articles, on agreements between Michigan and Ontario municipalities, General Motors plan for landfill free facilities and the closing of a landfill facility. The effect of the ample providing of links is that this article comes across as a primer while allowing interested readers to further their exploration. Additionally, the article links a report from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, a decision that increases the credibility of the statistics provided.


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