Michigan: The worst place to build a landfill

I don’t like the fact that Michigan gets paid to take in other states and Canada’s trash. As Emilia said, with the water table so high and the fact that Michigan is surrounded by 5 precious freshwater resources, it is one of the worst states to build landfills in. The potential of pollutants, especially those that may be carcinogenic, to leak from landfills and enter ground water threatens both the Great lakes ecosystems and our drinking water.

The fact that a paper, put in a landfill in 1935, is still readable, drives home the facts that anything we put in landfills will be around a very long time. How much longer can we put excessive amounts of trash into the ground? This alone should incentive enough to reduce our consumption and waste production and push us to recycle as much as possible. Recycling is not only a way to help the environment, but also a way to save ourselves money. As Mackenzie, environmental education specialist said, “we are throwing away money when we are not recycling.”


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Program in the Environment major, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology minor.

One Response to “Michigan: The worst place to build a landfill”

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Jill. It’s interesting to note how the quote from Michigan governor Rick Snyder about money and recycling struck so many of us. I wonder if that might be an interesting story angle. If you feel strongly about this topic, perhaps some time you can dig a little deeper into that idea and use your communication skills to help address this issue.

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