Reflection of material recovery facility

Upon driving arriving onto the premises, I was surprised by how much debris was scattered everywhere around the building all on the ground even outside of the gates. When entering and doing the tour through the facility, I thought it was insane that people actually separated through all of the trash that came to this place daily. It seemed inefficient and that all the trash did not get sorted through properly. When the tour ended, it helped me to reflect on how I will do better with recycling in the future in my home.


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One Response to “Reflection of material recovery facility”

  1. Hi, Kayla. Trash scattered even outside the gates — that’s a nice detail. Even better would be to mention two or three specific pieces of trash that kind of hint at bits of people’s lives that are being thrown away. Show don’t tell. Also, this sketch would be more vivid if you told readers more about the sounds and smells. It’s a memorable place, isn’t it?

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