Mixing Professional with Personal – When Is It Okay?


The first thing I noticed while reading this article was that the author used ‘I,’ and other personal pronouns, a lot. He entered his opinion into the article almost constantly. For example, “I want to emphasize that this kind of interaction between the storytellers, the subjects of their stories, and those who read the stories is critical.”

As I continued reading, however, I noticed that the author’s personality actually added to the piece. His voice made the piece more interesting to read and helped me to understand the urgency in journalists focusing on the future rather than solely on the present. I liked that this post (more of a post than an article, I would say) was a type of status report for Circle of Blue. It was nice to see that Circle of Blue is interested in improving the way that news is delivered and reported, and that Circle of Blue wanted direct feedback from the public regarding things that could be improved upon. The author writes, “I want to hear from you: how are we doing?”

When do you think it is okay for a reporter to include themselves in the articles that they are writing? What types of articles would be best suited for this style of writing? How might an article benefit from the opinion of the author being included? How might an article suffer?

How do you think journalists can focus more on the “long-term” when writing articles rather than simply the “short-term?” How might this be difficult for a journalist to do?


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3 Responses to “Mixing Professional with Personal – When Is It Okay?”

  1. I’m not sure the lede really set the scene for the nut graph. Nice mental imagery to gain interest, felt like a conversation was about to start, but too much wandering afterward. The quoted paragraphs seemed too long, and lacked commentary in between to cement the point being made. The article felt much more like it should have been presented as an editorial.

  2. This article added too much of the writers own opinion and talked too much in first person. Also it seemed as though everything was a story. It did not effectively draw my attention and it seemed as though I was not following the direction that it was going in.

  3. Hi, thanks for your comments! The biggest thing that I will make note of for you is that the reason the author injected himself and the reason this felt like an editorial is because this is part of Circle of Blue’s blog series, in which it’s meant to be more of an op/ed feel and to show the author’s personality. (If you look at the link, it uses the words “editorial” and “commentary” right there in the link.) Thanks! Aubrey, Circle of Blue

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