Facebook as a “Black Hole”


In the article above, Dumenco explains the way that Facebook works with both its users and advertisers to create an incredibly ad saturated and time intensively engaging space. His main focus on the work, however, poses the question as to whether Facebook is making its users more receptive to ads or less receptive to ads as their spaces become more saturated. I think what’s interesting about this piece is what it can also say about the news in relation to Facebook. As many of us have probably noticed, Facebook is not just laden with ads, but also with news. While this news is not necessarily from acclaimed sources, many articles still pop up on our feeds involving information that can help us create a better idea of what is happening around us. Many of these articles are shared by our friends or are contributed through groups we liked on Facebook. This leaves us with a great deal of information saturation to address while we are online. Often, I find that what is shared on my wall does not seem reliable, so I ignore it. Or, because their is so much information on my wall, if it is not instant, I do not take the time to read it. This makes me wonder how others are intreating with news on Facebook. Are we becoming less responsive to the news that is posted, and does this lack in responsiveness make us less responsive to other news platforms we encounters? How is our interest in information changing as our worlds become more and more saturated with it?


One Response to “Facebook as a “Black Hole””

  1. I liked this article because it was so easy to read, with the references to popular TV shows and the analogy of facebook as your local bar. However, I thought the content of this article was extremely weak. He makes the statement that “as time spent on facebook skyrockets, media companies and marketers have fewer chances to engage consumers off-facebook,” yet there are no statistics or other patterns that show that this is actually the case. In fact, I don’t think this is the case at all. As Levi mentioned, because facebook is so saturated with information, I tend to get annoyed with all the advertisements and news being posted that I’ve trained my eyes to just look over them. Especially with the option of “hiding” a post, advertisement or news piece that appears on your timeline, these kinds of advertising are extremely avoidable. Therefore, I am much more likely to read articles I find outside of facebook, and advertising I see off facebook leaves more of an impression on me. With this lack of evidence, this reads more as an opinionated piece to me.

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