What is news

I think news is meant to share important information with people. The Detroit Free Press says they write stories that are interesting and impactful to readers. They say they are the watchdogs to inform people about news that impacts jobs, community, schools, and shopping. One member of the team stated that it is a chance to make a change as an individual. However, they also state that they try to find stories you would tell your friends and think of ideas that will resonate with the audience. I feel that when journalists attempt to write stories that will attract an audience, not one that shares important information, then it becomes entertainment and not news and to me this undermines the purpose of news.


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Program in the Environment major, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology minor.

One Response to “What is news”

  1. Jill, you have put your finger right on the big problem facing traditional news organizations today. They’re for-profit companies, and to make money they need an audience. But their business has always had a public mission angle. The truth is that even before the Internet, news organizations needed to attract an audience to survive on advertising sales. But that was easier, because there was less competition. Now, the old model is broken. I think the news innovation ideas that you and your classmates have developed and posted elsewhere on this site are good steps towards a new kind of news ecosystem. I think there also will be a prominent place for news nonprofits. Among the best news nonprofits so far is ProPublica. I recommend that you follow ProPublica on social media if you’re interested in news that makes a difference without pandering to clicks at all.

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