25-44, is it right to put a number on quality?

The field trip was an incredible experience.  I especially enjoyed observing the journalists at the Free Press do their jobs, and that we were able to contribute to the meeting.  The reality of the changing face of news was apparent in the way the journalists conversed, just in the short time that they were pitching ideas.  Constantly, Ashley, who is in charge of design and consumer experience, was constantly how to make the stories more appealing to the reader, and more interactive.  She emphasized putting photo galleries, interactive infographics, and aesthetically pleasing things into the article.   She also mentioned that every article was supposed to have at least some video attached to it.  This interactive, multi-faceted news is exciting, but at the same time, they seemed to be disconnected from the younger generation.  To be fair, the majority of their readers are in the 25-44 demographic, but they seemed not to really want to make an effort to create articles that students really care about.   John eventually got one of the journalists to say he would look into the story about divestment request of CSG, but it took some prodding.  Can the news cater to all ages?  I think it will have to in order to survive.  I noticed the whole class perk up when we started talking about documentaries.  Maybe they should do more of that type of journalism– feature stories that really capture what is going on.  That’s the kind of story that I like to read.  When I want to learn what happened, I want to watch a news report video or read a few bullet points.  In a day-to-day news situation, I rarely sit down and read an article.  However, in the case of a investigative, more in-depth article examining all facets of the situation, I would gladly read a news article like that.   I hope that the journalists will become increasingly concerned with our demographic, continue to produce quality news, and change with the times.


About colezingas

Hey I'm Cole, I am very excited to be taking Photobook with all of you! I took an introductory photography class my senior year of high school, in which I got to learn the techniques of photography and play around with film cameras! I'm looking forward to this class so that I can take the next step, and use my photos to create a story.

One Response to “25-44, is it right to put a number on quality?”

  1. Great observations, Cole. I think that more conversations like the one we had on Friday will lead to better coverage and also better understanding about all the challenges of producing news. Here’s a link to a trailer for the longer video that one of the Free Press journalists mentioned about the old Packard plant. It’s the kind of journalism that you might appreciate.

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