I believe reflections

These were my I believe… statements from the beginning of the semester

  1. That all news has some bias in it whether it’s intended or not.
  2. It is important to critically think about what you read or hear on the news and not simply take it as it is.
  3. That writing for the general public is extremely difficult.
  4. That people rely too heavily on social media sites that are not meant for news as a source of news.
  5. That the most challenging part of being a journalist is to keep an objective stance when collecting information for a report.
  6. That the best journalism is informative and unbiased, allowing the reader to form his or her own opinion.
  7. That journalism and news do not always have to be serious.
  8. That the role professional news organizations play in my life will be increasingly important as I enter the real world after graduation.
  9. That people do not read the news enough (including me).
  10. That there’s always more to the story.

After this semester, I don’t think that my beliefs have changed, they were just reaffirmed and strengthened. Having to find a news angle and write a story was very difficult. I never realized how much goes into writing one story. My experience this semester has given me a new perspective on the news. I used to think that it was just kind of there. If you want to read the news, go ahead. I never had a close connection (didn’t read the news often). However, after hearing all of the speakers and going to the Detroit Free Press, seeing how passionate those journalists are about reporting the stories, I have developed a completely new sense of respect and admiration for journalists and journalism in general. It’s so important to stay informed and engage with the news and journalists are the ones who devote their lives to help us do so.

With regard to environmental journalism, it made me realize how difficult it is to report on environmental issues without finding some humanistic aspect. There has been a lot of coverage on issues like climate change, carbon emissions, rising sea levels, etc. It is becoming more and more difficult to find new angles and write stories that readers are not desensitized to. Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important and need to be covered to inform the general public of what is going on outside of the human world and the impacts we are having on our own future. The first reading for the week is another issue about environmental journalism that slightly relates to this.


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