I Believe Reflection

I Believe

John Yates

Environ 320 W15

(I know it said ten, but I did all twelve of your prompts because why not?)

1. That the role professional news organizations play in my life will decrease as non-tradition news sources (e.g. reddit) become more prevalent.

I still believe this, but I think that watchdog news orgs will maintain their roles.

2. That the most challenging thing about being a journalist is being truthful and accurate while still writing something that is interesting.

Yeah, the truth can be very boring at times. I still believe this.

3. That the future of news is bright, though the future of the printed word looks bleak.

This seems to hold true from what I have seen. Both instructors have talked about printed news’ decline.

4. That everyone can be a journalist if they learn how to research and how to write.

Yup, I think that almost anyone can do anything, and journalism doesn’t seem to be an exception.

5. That my greatest strength as a journalist is my clear and concise writing style that I have developed through many philosophy courses.

This might not help that much as philosophy is quite dry. Still, clarity is the highest good in my mind for writing because you cannot be there to see if a confused look takes over your reader’s face.

6. That my greatest challenge as a journalist is to make my language accessible to the average reader.

Yeah, it is a pernicious problem but I will endeavor to alleviate it promptly.

7. That the best journalism might be behind us with the amount of link-bait and party pandering we are seeing these days.

Still believe this. Where have all the Walter Cronkites gone?

8. That the biggest problem with journalism today is being partisan!

Yup, bias in the media is not one of my favorite things about this world we live in.

9. That the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is learning how to make the transition away from standard media.

The problem I think is that most news organizations are run by people who don’t understand the internet. But this will change sooner or later.

10. That a great idea for a new way of delivering news is by having town criers again in highly populated places like Starbucks.

I made myself laugh reading this one again. The problem might be that people won’t hear cause they’ll have their headphones on. Still, the town crier is a noble profession that should be reinstated.

11. That interviewing people about news is probably going to make you depressed about how much the average person knows about the news.

Yeah, no one has time for it anymore, least not many college students.

12. That writing for the general public is probably pretty rewarding until you have to deal with all the trolls and haters who just want to make you feel bad.

During our panel with the Detroit Free Press, one woman got this horrified look on her face as she said quietly, “Never. Read. The. Comments.”


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