I Believed… Reflecting on the Semester

My beliefs from January:

I believe that the future of news lies in the hands of the younger generation, as the majority of younger people have grown up getting their information from online and social media sources, and it will be interesting to see what further progress is made to increase the timeliness and accessibility of news.

I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they are not afraid to dig deep and ask questions that are outside of the box.

I believe that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is the pressure to deliver quality, interesting news stories in a timely manner while the material is still relevant.

I believe my greatest strength as a journalist is my strong writing skills, although I still need to learn how to write in a journalistic style.

I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is being able to put myself out on a limb and pursue a story wholeheartedly, and not to be shy..

I believe that the best journalism puts news in a way that is creative, and maybe forces people to think twice about an issue they thought they knew about

I believe the biggest problem with journalism today is the opportunity for everyone to be a journalist, as through the Internet and social media, anyone can broadcast their opinion to a wide audience, which can undermine news organizations and creates a multitude of information that is not credible.

I believe the biggest opportunities facing news organizations today are the increasing number of ways that news can be communicated digitally, and how they will change in order to accommodate a new generation of people that have grown up without reading newspapers, but rather getting all of their information online.

I believe that interviewing people about news is essential in order to gain perspective on the topic and to see how other people are affected by what has occurred.

I believe that writing for the general public is a great way not only to educate people, but also to generate controversy, opinions, and debates surrounding the topic, which can lead to further discoveries.


My beliefs are mostly in line with what I believe today, especially the fact that I think that journalism is in the hands of the younger generation.  However, I have learned from class and particularly from the field trip to the Free Press that there may not be much opportunity for young journalists as the field of journalism continues to shrink.  I think having passionate young people who are willing to enact change and deliver news in a way that fits society today, and does so with quality is essential for the news business to survive.  I believe that this class taught us how to do just that.  But with the advent of social media and various apps, a stream of young journalists will not be entering into jobs at the New York Times or Detroit Free Press as frequently as they used to.  So our generation can tell stories to the public in a different way.  Do I know exactly what that way is?  No.  But as some of my classmates are experts in visual storytelling, and have shared how they are trying to tell stories in their own ways, I have learned that innovation and imagination will be key for our generation to leap into journalism and impact the world of news.

The other belief that through this class I have strengthened is my belief that to be a journalist it is important to ask creative questions and dig deeper.   After each speaker, by asking questions that probed the speaker’s emotion and comfort level, our class was able to come up with dozens of solid news angles based on the presentation of the speaker.  To an onlooker, the speaker(s) may not have seemed newsworthy, but through this class I found that a story worth sharing can be found in almost anything.   As I became better at interviewing, in my news feature, I was able to ask questions that made the interviewee think, and almost every time I completed an interview, I was surprised at the amount of possible new angles that had surfaced.

What I believe now is that a great journalist can take many forms:  you just have to be curious, creative, and not afraid to show the world the importance of your story.


About colezingas

Hey I'm Cole, I am very excited to be taking Photobook with all of you! I took an introductory photography class my senior year of high school, in which I got to learn the techniques of photography and play around with film cameras! I'm looking forward to this class so that I can take the next step, and use my photos to create a story.

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