I Believe…..Reflection

I Believe…
I believe news is important for informing people about what goes on beyond their local lives.
I believe that news is now a bigger part of life because information travels the world much faster than it did in the past.
I believe news can help set change in motion.
I believe news can sometimes be inaccurate or biased.
I believe that good journalists must be truthful and unbiased but also have a passion for what they cover.
I believe that news reporters must have very good people skills.
I believe my biggest obstacle with journalism is connecting with people.
I believe news in the form of papers is becoming less common and may one day disappear.
I believe a good way to deliver news is to put short videos on Facebook and to include a descriptive title of the story covered.
I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they write about important topics in an honest way.
       I still agree with many of these statements, but after taking this course, my opinion on some have changed. I still believe that news is import in informing people to what goes on outside their immediate lives, however I feel that in recent times the motives behind telling news have changed. I’m sure there are still many journalists who have a passion for getting to the bottom of a story and providing people with important information, however I also think that the recent decline in funding in the journalism business has forced some to pursue stories they think will be favorable, not ones that are important.
      I no longer believe that everyone can be a journalist, but I still believe people skills are very important to the profession. Journalists need to be able to make connections with people and build a network of contacts that they can rely on to get story ideas or interviews. I also feel that you must have people skills in order to get the best information out of interviews as well as deal with the more sensitive questions. For these reasons I now believe it take a particular set of skills to be a successful journalist, and not everyone has those skills.
       My biggest discovery through taking this class is learning how hard it can be to remain unbiased. Good journalists write pieces they are passionate about, but journalists are also people who have emotions and opinions. In my opinion it is very difficult to separate those two.

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Program in the Environment major, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology minor.

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