I Believe… Journalism Will Survive

I believe…

  1. I believe that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is the access they now have to instant news stories from millions of people around the world.
  2. I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist will be conveying stories and ideas in an unbiased way.
  3. I believe that the biggest problem with journalism today is the transition to “quick stories” and “anything for a quick click”.
  4. I believe that writing for the general public is difficult but honorable.
  5. I believe everyone can be a journalist with some perseverance and some creativity.
  6. I believe the most challenging thing about being a journalist is making your voice heard but not over power the story, and just overall getting your foot in the door of the industry.
  7. I believe the greatest fear of being a journalist would be pouring your heart out into a story that you care about and having to come to terms with that most the stories you write will be easily forgotten.
  8. I believe that the role professional news organization play in my life will be moderately involved in my future life.
  9. I believe that the future of news is unsure but we will continue to see more changes.
  10. I believe interviewing people about news is vital to understanding what the public wants to hear and what still needs to be said.

I was surprised to find that I still agree with all of my “I Believe” statements about the future of news written in the beginning of the semester. True, I do agree with those statements, but after making it through this class I also have a new found appreciation for how easy… yet really difficult it is to be a journalist in the world today. Julie and Emilia have taught the class in a way that I learned so much more about the journalism field and in addition it was great to focus on top stories to discuss with guest speakers. I think I have improved as a writer by understanding who your audience is… and of course… PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE!!!  As an engineer my writing skills were a bit rusty before starting this course, and though I still need some work, I am proud of my improvements so far. I look forward to continue improving my skills as a writer.

When it comes to thinking about the future news, news will always be around but the forms are changing. To be honest, I have no idea what news 5 years from now will look like. But, if I were to hazard a guess I would imagine more online news that was easily accessible from one source (likely google), so you can access all the news outlets in just one place. Also, I would guess that the majority of magazines and newspapers would have ‘died’ or transitioned to online media in the coming years, except for the really big and well known established papers. I really do hope that print media stays around, it would be a sad future if you could no longer open the Sunday Detroit Free Press paper, or get excited when the yellow border of a National Geographic magazine arrives in the mail.

When it comes to the future of the online media… change is on the way. People are already starting to get a little bored with facebook. We’re on the search for the next new exciting thing! While reading the poynter article at the following link: http://www.poynter.org/news/media-innovation/189313/how-journalists-can-turn-their-stories-into-conversations/ , I found myself agreeing and disagreeing with what the author was saying. Yes, I agree there will be a need for access to comments and more interaction between journalist and reader in the future. I also agree with the man’s comment etiquette rule of “A good rule of thumb is to comment as if the person to whom you are commenting is standing in front of you, is built like a linebacker, and has both a short temper and excellent legal representation.” I wish more people that use the internet could perform this type of restraint and respect on the comment sections of online media.

Overall, we really don’t know for sure what the future of news will look like, I fear for the integrity and reliability of the news outlets and hope that the traditional journalists at heart will fight to stay the course and keep journalism alive and healthy.

This class was great! I am glad I had the chance to take such a unique course before graduating. Wish me luck in the real world! Thank you!

-Carlea Hazzard


One Response to “I Believe… Journalism Will Survive”

  1. Hey, Carlea, if you’re still getting email notification of these comments, I want to say “Good luck in the real world!” I have confidence that you will do great things. I’m looking over these posts as we prepare for the new term, so I’m thinking of you and the rest of our classmates. Please let us know how you’re doing out there!

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