My Altered Beliefs About the News

  • I believe that the best journalism leaves readers with a provocative question.
  • I believe the most challenging thing about being a journalist is being open to ideals that are different from your own.
  • I believe journalism etiquette must be respected, and journalists may (and are encouraged to) challenge ideas, but not the people sharing the ideas.
  • I believe that the future of news is in podcasts, since they are quick and easy to download, and convenient because you can listen to them off-line, on the go.
  • I believe that everyone can be a journalist if he/she is educated on the issue discussed, and has collected information on the given issue from multiple sources.
  • I believe the biggest problem with journalism today is that many journalists work to get a story out, and not the truth.
  • I believe that interviewing people about news is tricky, at least on a college campus, since many people may be consumed in schoolwork and not pay attention to the news.
  • I believe that journalists should be aware of their right to freedom of speech, and shouldn’t be afraid to report on politically or socially sensitive issues.
  • I believe that if journalists are writing from a specific political position, they should also be reading pieces from publishers of the opposite or different position too.
  • I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will help me understand what in our political and social system is not working well, and give me the desire to pursuer a career path that works to make it right.

After looking back at this semester and everything I learned, I would change a couple things about this assignment. First, I want to comment on the observation I made about news outlets wanting to get out stories and not actual facts. after visiting the Detroit Free Press and listening to guest journalists that came in, I would say this isn’t the case for a lot of news outlets. Every journalist I’ve listened to speak is very passionate about finding interesting but really meaningful stories, and getting in touch with the right people to talk to. Because of the overabundance of information provided by the Internet today, it’s so easy for sensationalized, inaccurate news stories to get out, for the purpose of gaining attention. It’s a shame that these news outlets influence how the public feels about the news,  which is generally mistrust. This is especially detrimental to news outlets like the Free Press (and many others) that are already suffering budget cuts. I have a new appreciation for all the work that journalists do.

My thought about interviewing people in the beginning of the semester was that it would be tricky. While sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of people you would like to talk to, I found that once an interview is set up and you begin talking to the people who are experts in the topic you are writing about, people love talking to you. In my interviews for my news feature, many interviews ran about 45 minutes, which is a lot longer than I expected. I realized that journalism is such a good job because you learn so much, first hand, from talking to these experts. I’ve met some really brilliant people during my time writing my news feature, as well as the guest speakers that came to our class each week, which I cherish.

Overall, this class was empowering, because it gave me the sense that with the right guidance, even I can write a powerful story. Learning how to write like a journalist, and learning the appropriate structure of a piece of writing that really grabs the reader’s attention has so many applications even outside of the journalism world.

(I apologize that this post is late – I completely forgot about it!)


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