Detroit Free Press Visit Reflection

Today’s visit to the Detroit Free Press news room surprised me in several different ways. Firstly, I was surprised that the majority the people in the press meeting were white, and that they said that the majority of their readers were white as well. I guess this surprised me because when I think of Detroit, I think of a city that is mostly black (83% percent according to the Huffington Post). I didn’t think about the fact that they are catering to metro-Detroit as well as the entire state of Michigan too!

Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised as to how much they seemed to care that we were there.  I was expecting them to run business as usual and that we would need to try to breathe as quietly as possible. Although it was “business as usual”, they were very engaging, asked us questions, and were open to our questions.

Overall, our trip exceeded my expectations. Going to the Detroit Free Press was extremely inspiring and interesting. It made me excited to go back to Detroit and explore other neat things happening there!


About Julia Paige

I am a senior at the university studying Cultural Anthropology, Sustainable Food Systems, and Writing. I love to bake, cook, ride my bike, and eat cookies.

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