I Believe Reflection

  1. I believe that the best journalism is factually accurate.
  2. I believe that the greatest challenge of being a journalist is staying impartial when necessary.
  3. I believe that writing for the general public is an important skill to have given today’s public access to digital media.
  4. I believe that the biggest problem with journalism today is an overabundance of non-reputable sources.
  5. I believe that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is the ability to spur grass-roots change.
  6. I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they observe well.
  7. I believe that writing for the general public is serious responsibility.
  8. I believe that my greatest strength as a journalists is my creativity and perspective.
  9. I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is my writing ability.
  10. I believe that the best journalism is interesting.

I have found that over the course of the semester my beliefs about journalist have remained largely unchanged, only strengthened and deepened. I have come to have a greater appreciation for the tightrope that a journalist must walk. Asking the tough questions while maintaining good relationships, and being held accountable for reporting accurately. During our trip to the Detroit Free Press we got to see journalists face these kind of tough decisions first hand.

I also learned how the changing technological landscape is greatly influencing not just the distribution of news, but the way in which journalists themselves report on events. Before, I thought that technological advances were just providing new avenues for news to be disseminated, now I realize it is actually changing what it means to be a journalist. Getting to draft a Knight News grant application was a great way to get some firsthand brainstorming on new ways of news-ing. It provided practical experience in adapting journalism to the times.

I have also learned to be more skeptical of news articles, and to check twice before believing. Now that I have a better idea of what it means to be a journalist, I am more careful about who I trust to give me the news.

Tyler Borchers’ article on how to deal with producing and maintaining a constructive conversation space online seemed to bring up and summarize a lot of what I feel that I have learned this semester. He talks about how changing technology has produced new ways for the public to interact with journalists, and how now journalist must figure out what the best way is to mediate that interaction.

I think that in many ways this writing class is one of the most culturally relevant that you can take at the university. So much is changing in how we interact with and create information that I feel very fortunate to have taken a class that examines how one might effectively exist in our changing world. Thank you!

-Jacob Warren



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