Reflecting on what “I believe”

  1. I believe that writing for the general public is impossible because there is no such thing as general public anymore (everyone can seek out news that caters to their beliefs).


  1. I believe that interviewing people about news is important because it grounds your story in reality.


  1. I believe that a great idea for a new way of delivering news is via social media platforms.


  1. I believe that the best journalism generates new knowledge.


  1. I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is being concise and getting to the point.


  1. I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they care enough to actively seek truth (if it exists).


  1. I believe that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is getting people to care and to listen and/or talk to you.


  1. I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will make me a responsible citizen of a democratic nation.


  1. I believe that my greatest strength as a journalist is an inquiring mind.


  1. I believe that journalists have a responsibility to the public to be accurate and truthful

The semester is coming to an end, and most of the assignments that began as looming obstacles to tackle in the future are now behind us. Looking back at my “I believe” statements, the very first assignment of the semester, I am surprised by the fact that I still agree with the majority of my statements. This surprised me because in the beginning of this class, I knew very little about journalism. To be honest, I barely even paid attention to the news. I did, however, have a background in various public health issues and writing. Therefore, I thought my beliefs would change vastly over the course of the semester, but they didn’t.

One of the statements that I vastly underestimated is #5  “I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is being concise and getting to the point.”

I came into this class thinking that I would not struggle with the writing aspect of the course, since I have a lot of experience in writing (and a minor in writing). However, I did not anticipate how difficult it would be for me to change my narrative, creative writing to be concise and purposeful journalistic writing. With each of my pieces, I have struggled with keeping within the word limit and have been critiqued for adding unnecessary details.

I still believe that good journalism generates new knowledge, and seeks out the closest to the truth that is possible. I am thankful for this class for teaching me that a journalist can be anyone, even me. If I take myself seriously, I learned that others will take me seriously as well.


About Julia Paige

I am a senior at the university studying Cultural Anthropology, Sustainable Food Systems, and Writing. I love to bake, cook, ride my bike, and eat cookies.

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