“I believe” Revisited: Semester Reflection

  1. I believe that my greatest strength as a journalist is my skill as a writer
  2.   I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist will be asking good/uncomfortable questions.
  3. I believe that interviewing people about news is interesting and challenging.
  4. I believe that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is creating stories that not only are personally interesting to the journalist, but also really speak to the public/audience and make them want to read more.
  5. I believe that the many different formats for receiving news/journalistic information is both a benefit and a issue in journalism today.
  6. I believe that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is the wide variety of people who, because of social media/ internet, have access to the news.
  7. I believe that the best journalism speaks to both the reader and writer on a personal/emotional level, and by doing that creates change.
  8. I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they are truly curious about people and the way the world works, and are willing to put themselves in what can become uncomfortable situations.
  9. I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will likely increase over the course of this semester.
  10. I believe that writing for the general public creates more writing opportunities/ different opinions of what is “newsworthy,” because the general public is a wide group with varied opinions of what should be in the news.

Looking back at my initial views and feelings about journalism, it is interesting to see how my thinking has changed or stayed the same, and also how my ideas about myself affected the way I approached this class.

For example, I still believe my writing skills are my greatest strength as a writer. But, through learning more about journalistic writing, I realized that it was a bit difficult for me to adjust to ‘showing not telling’ and letting readers come to conclusions on their own. Through my academic and personal writing, I have always been able to draw conclusions for my readers. Learning this boundary was a difficult adjustment for me.

Finally, my concerns about asking good questions and conducting successful interviews really shaped the way I approached my reporting. I would prepare extensively for each interview with the help of Google to make sure I knew my subject’s background, and had strong questions prepared in advance. I believe this preparation helped me to get strong quotes from my sources, as well as strong support for my story. I think I still need to improve in the smoothness of my interviewing. My nervousness made my speaking a bit stilted, but thankfully my sources looked past my awkwardness.

Even more now, I believe in the impact good “why care” journalism can make on society, if only by changing the way people think about a certain topic or opening their mind.

I am very glad I took this class and had the opportunity to learn so much about a field that is extremely important.




About erherman

I am a sophomore at the University of MIchigan

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