I Still Believe

September 15, 2015:

I believe…

…the most challenging part about being a journalist is staying plugged in.

…that in order to be a journalist you must be fundamentally curious.

…one of the hardest parts of journalism is knowing what questions to ask.

…the best journalism challenges conventional wisdom.

…that it’s hard to know sometimes what to believe.

…that learning to communicate effectively with the public is one of the most valuable skills one can possess.

…that interviewing people is kind of scary.

…in telling the truth to the best of my abilities.

…that the future of journalism exists online.

…there are ways to be creative through “objective/unbiased” journalism.

December 8, 2015:

I still believe in all of this. Practicing journalism a little bit more through this class hasn’t altered my opinion of how difficult it is for me to be a good journalist. Some of it has to do with my personality- like the fact that I have trouble staying plugged in, because when the exercise of avoiding all social media/news-based outlets for a week was nearly impossible for my classmates, it was business as usual for me. I still believe interviews are scary, even though I had conducted several even before this class began. And I’m learning every day ways to make sure I’m telling the truth, so that I can stay true to what I believe.



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