I believe… a review

15 weeks ago I embarked on a novel journey into the world of journalism.

Coming from the realm of neuroscience, my writing skills were honed around writing lab reports and my subjects were organic compounds and drosophilia, all inspected through the lens of a microscope. For the first time in my career I was pushed to find a story from live narratives; narratives I was the in charge of directing. I remember my first interview I would have thought I was about to get on stage for a crowd of 1,000; I was panicked with embarrassing pit stains. I am part of the millennial generation, that grew up with texting instead of telephone calls and facebook as a way of introductions. Technology and internet’s vast database allow for information to be effortless and human activity and interaction to fall to the way side like an unexercised muscle. I realize there is so much to be gained in seeking out a primary source: unique thought provoking narratives, honed interpersonal skills, inquisitive thinking and brainstorming, inspiring quotes heard live,  and confidence to connect in a meaningful way with complete strangers.  Journalism is a livelihood, and now that I have wore the hat of a journalist I have some new opinions to share.

I believe… the task a journalist is posed with requires an individual who is fearless in approaching people and willing to ask tough questions

I believe… journalism is evolving and gonzo journalism when the journalist’s narrative is sown into the piece can be the most enjoyable to write and read.

I believe… journalism is essential to the public yet greatly under appreciated and under funded by consumers.

I believe… that the best journalism is when all sides of the story are included and a journalist has done their due diligence on a topic.

I believe… the future of many headlines will be responding to climate change and it’s impact on human affairs.




About sallyplank

I am a Senior at the University of Michigan studying Neuroscience and Sustainability.

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