I Believe Reflection


  1. I believe that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is finding and talking to relevant sources
  2. I believe that the future of news is becoming more biased
  3. I believe that everyone can be a journalist if social media continues to be prevalent in everyday life
  4. I believe that my greatest strength as a journalist is remaining skeptical
  5. I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is my lack of experience and writing knowledge
  6. I believe that the best journalism accurately covers controversial topics
  7. I believe the biggest problem with journalism today is the popularity of sensational and biased news
  8. I believe that the media today is overly controlled by business
  9. I believe that writing for the general public needs to cover more important topics
  10. I believe that a great idea for a new way of delivering news is social media


Looking back at the statements I wrote about journalism at the start of the class, I immediately agree with #1. Finding experts who were willing to talk to me was the hardest part of my news feature article. This makes me sympathize more with articles I read in the news that are lacking viewpoints from every perspective. At the beginning of the class I knew nothing about journalism, and after learning more I still agree with #10. However, I would like to add on to it. Social media is important to find and share important stories, but now I see that the technology is also a great new way to deliver news. Through our class readings and work investigating the Knight News Challenge, I became aware of new types of apps, websites, and startup technologies that are even better ways to deliver news. In addition, these new types of news make me more optimistic about my opinion in #8. I am now hopeful that new types of news in the future will allow more people to be journalists, and allow these people to be more independent from financial backers that could introduce bias. Overall this class has made me pay attention to the structure and balance of articles I read in the news, and given me more respect for the difficulty of the work of journalists.




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