I Believe Reflection…

I Believe, September 2015…

  1. I believe the news shapes my beliefs about the world.
  2. I believe there is important information that is not covered by news outlets.
  3. I believe the news creates accountability for public figures.
  4. I believe a frustrating thing about being a journalist is people’s reluctance to implement facts into actions and policies.
  5. I believe that the future of news is digital.
  6. I believe the biggest challenge of writing news is communicating complicated issues in a way that people understand and care about.
  7. I believe the biggest opportunity facing news organizations is to shape public knowledge in a positive way.
  8. I believe that the biggest opportunity for a journalist is to create change in an issue that is important to him or her.
  9. I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is communicating my ideas clearly.
  10. I believe that the best journalism can expose something new, and spark actual change.


I believe, December 2015…

Looking at my initial “I believe” statements, and reflecting after a semester of journalism experience, I see that a large portion of my beliefs have been affirmed and/or expanded on. For example, we have seen from our trip to the Detroit newsroom and from various articles that the news really is increasingly digital. While I anticipated this at the start of the term, I didn’t spend time reflecting on what impact this has on journalism outlets. I learned that it has significant effects on the journalists, and major publications are worried about how they will make profit and evolve with this new platform.

I still believe journalists have the ability, and the responsibility to report news in a way that sparks positive change. #8 is something that I learned a lot about throughout the term–journalists can choose topics that they are passionate about, but it is important to keep their opinions out of the piece (depending on the piece). I learned from Julie’s article on breast cancer how personal stories can be great news stories. I also learned from Emilia’s early reporting on environmental issues that reporting on issues that are important to the writer can be tough when the public is not supportive yet.

Finally, I still think the biggest challenge for me as a journalist is communicating complex ideas clearly. It is still hard for me to write about issues in a way that everyone can understand, but the practice in this class has improved my writing and showed me the importance of continuing to practice this skill. Something that I touched on in my original “I believe” statements, but I really feel now is that writing about topics that will attract readers and writing in a simplified way that readers will enjoy is limiting in the type of news that is reported. I think it is possibly a bad thing that news stories have to be stories people want to hear, rather than stories that should be told.

All of my beliefs have been examined throughout the course, and some have been affirmed and others have been better informed.


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