I Believe Reflection

  1. I believe that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is writing a story that is completely unbiased by personal opinions.
  2. I believe that the best part of journalism is the change it can bring about in the world.
  3. I believe that writing for the general public can be difficult, because stories must be written in a way that the majority of people can understand.
  4. I believe that my greatest weakness as a journalist is my reluctance to speak with and interview strangers.
  5. I believe that my greatest strength as a journalist is the ability to reach large audiences with my writing.
  6. I believe that interviewing people about news is an extremely daunting task that will take some time to get used to.
  7. I believe that the best journalism effectively brings to light issues that have previously not received much attention.
  8. I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they have a natural curiosity and want to help enact change.
  9. I believe that becoming a journalist will help me be able to communicate more effectively with other people.
  10. I believe that the news does not play a very large role in my life currently.

Looking back to the beginning of the semester, I was so intimidated by the task of interviewing people.  I am happy to say that, while it was difficult to call people at first, it became easier with time and practice.  It may never be very easy for me to do, but just within one semester I conquered my fear and no am no longer afraid of interviewing people I have never met.

One statement that I still believe is #3.  With my background in academic writing, I often find it difficult to write in a way that is simple and clear, while still interesting.  My writing style has had to change, and while it was difficult at first, it has gotten slightly easier.  I can identify places in my writing that I am being too wordy, and can go back and change them to be more clear and concise.

I still believe that #7 is true, that the best journalism brings to light topics that have not seen much coverage.  It seems like these days, however, most of the reporting I see is on the same topics, usually about something that Donald Trump did again, or on the presidential race. At least, these are the headlines that I see the most of.  It still makes me wonder if other, important topics are being covered, but are not the stories that receive the most views, so they do not show up first on news sites.

I also believe that writing a story that is unbiased is extremely difficult.  It is easy to write about a topic that you are passionate about, but it can be hard to step back from it and include all sides of the argument.  that being said, I would still much rather write about something I care about rather than writing about something I do not care about, and therefore have no problem staying objective.

Another belief that changed was my belief that the news had little to do with my life and that I did not interact with it often.  I quickly found out how wrong I was in this class.  The guest speakers, news feature, and Knight News Challenge helped me realize how often I consume news, which is almost constantly.  With my phone and computer, news is quick and easy to access, and since the semester began, I have been consuming more news than I ever have before in order to stay up to date on current events.


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