I Believe Reflection

I believe that the best journalism caters to the individual in that it is written in a personal, appealing way about a relevant topic.

I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will continue to expand as I endeavor to keep myself informed.

I believe that the future of news is changing as non-journalists have the ability to connect with a wide and varied audience through improved technology.

I believe that writing for the general public is rewarding, necessary, and a noble pursuit.

I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist will be writing about the news in a creative and innovative way.

I believe that a great idea for a new way of delivering news is through social media – a new-century word of mouth.

I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they take on the responsibility to learn about relevant issues and present them in an unbiased light to the readers.

I believe that the biggest problem facing journalism today is the lack of interest, exhibited by all types of people, in learning about the news.

I believe that interviewing people about the news is essential because the opinions of others shape our own, whether or not we admit it.

I believe that my greatest strength as a journalist will be my appreciation for journalism as an art form.

I’ve learned throughout this class that journalism is hard work. I did not anticipate the challenge in finding story and covering in the fullest manner, by interviewing several experts as well as providing readers with a sense of relatability. I underestimated how difficult it would be to present an issue in its entirety in a concise, precise, and unbiased way. Only once I can complete this task for an article, am I able to make my piece creative and unique – what I believed would be my challenge according to Belief #5.  I also need to remember that my interviews and my research govern my story; I should be ready to let go of my preconceived notions and write my article based on the information available to me.

Given these challenges, I still believe that anyone can be a journalist. I now even better understand the role social media plays in informing people about the news – simply by sharing an article on facebook, you’re making an impact on what current events are being heard. The future of journalism truly is changing, but many news organizations are keeping up by adapting to the increasingly digital world.

I still do believe journalism is an art form. There’s an art to writing in a way that informs and hooks your reader without including your own biases. There’s an art to finding news as it is developing and being the first to report on it. There’s an art to deciding what news is relevant and how to deliver that news in the most efficient yet encompassing manner.

I definitely can now appreciate the hard work of journalists, and can see the exciting benefits of being the first on a story and being able to follow a story throughout its development.



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