I Believe… reflection

Ben Schechter

I believe…

I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will give me bias, one way or another.

I believe the most challenging thing about being a journalist is writing new, intriguing information that no other journalist has covered.

I believe the future of news is going to become less professional, too many outlets. And in what form?

I believe that if everyone was a journalist, the main point of a story may not be as clear.

I believe that the best journalism captures parts of a story or a life that may not be as transparent as other highlights, and gives two parts of the story.

I believe that the best journalism is engaging.

I believe that 10 years down the road, there will be too many ways of delivering news, and there’ll be relatively large generational differences.

I believe that writing for the general public is good.

I believe that interviewing people about news brings out information that general news stories may not necessarily cover.

I don’t have any idea what to believe the best way of delivering journalism is.

These were my “I believe” statements at the beginning of the semester. I believe that not much has changed in my opinions. I think one big thing to note is the future of news, what form will it be in? Is print media dead? It’s on its way to being dead because there currently aren’t any solutions to the problem.

One big take away I had from Environment 320 is that there should be numerous sides to a story if you’re writing one. Although with that being said, there can’t be bias. I learned a lot from this course when covering sensitive issues and learned the proper way to go about it and to gather information.

I have to present one big issue I had with the Knight News Challenge. Cell phones, specifically smart phones, are distracting. The older generation is usually complaining about the millennial generation having their eyes glued to the screen. For my generation, eyes glued to screen is becoming normal. For the next generation, they won’t know what a predominately non-screen culture will look like. All Knight News’ Challenge apps have potential but they further people’s responsibility and wanting to be on their phone at all times. I don’t have any other platform to recommend for these “apps”. Phones are accessible computers, so I can’t recommend a computer app, or a website. They all involve screens and print media doesn’t seem to be a popular medium.

All in all, I took a lot out of this course and I hope to use some specific lessons in the real word.



About Ben Schechter

Undergraduate Senior at the University of Michigan | Founder @ www.WhatTheSound.com

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