Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection

This New York Times article highlights an important topic of the overall difficulties of navigating college during what is a period of transition for young adults. Issues surrounding the pressure placed on young adults to maintain high achievements come with a cost, particularly for students battling with depression. The article identifies various sources of anxiety for students. These include academics, student social life, social media, and other mediums in which students compare themselves to other students. The article identifies how these comparisons within college life can be particularly dangerous for students battling with depression. Historically, there have not always been good outlets to address depression among students as the articles mentions with issues of readmission and lack of forums for students to seek help. Despite the tragedies of students like Madison Holleran, Kathryn Dewitt’s story provides a sense of hope that she was able to battle her depression and find meaningful outlets to deal with her depression. This is a particularly important point because it describes a different narrative than what we often see in the media in regards to suicide rates on college campus’ around the country. In the wake of increasing suicide rates of college students, this article and Kathryn DeWitt stand as an example that there is hope and that there are opportunities to make meaningful changes in students’ college lives.


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