Trip to Freep and Channel 4

I really enjoyed our field trip today, and I learned a lot about what goes on in a newsroom. My biggest takeaway from the day is that I do not think I could ever be a full time journalist! Everyone that we met was always “on”; they were always looking for potential interviewees or story ideas. Even outside of work, they have to keep their eyes open for these things. I would find this exhausting! It reminded me a lot of my internship in a political office last summer, where politicians tried to attract potential voters where ever they were. With the current 24 hour news cycle and news websites that are always available, it is difficult to ever truly escape the news! As a reader, it is much easier for me to do this. I think that I could be a journalist part-time, but I don’t know if I could do the job full-time and admire those who do!


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