Field trip to Freep and Channel 4

I greatly enjoyed the field trip to the Detroit Free Press and Channel 4. There were several things that struck me as we walked through the offices and interacted with the journalists. The first thing I noticed as we got to speak with and ask questions to the journalists and editors was how resourceful the journalists were in finding ways to add depth to their articles. As many of my classmates were pulled aside to give statements and interviews about various stories that were currently in progress. To me, it was clear that the journalists we interacted with were very eager to gain any sort of new perspective in order to better their stories.  The other interesting topic we discussed with the journalists at the Detroit Free Press was the discussion between writing articles that were unbiased versus writing articles that were fair. Before the field trip, I was under the impression that these two concepts were pretty much the same. However, the perspective given by the editor of the Detroit Free Press greatly surprised me as he explained he believed it was more important to have stories that were fair to their readers than to develop articles that were unbiased.


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