Trip to Freep/ Channel 4

The field trip on Thursday was probably one of the best outings that I have gone on in Michigan thus far. I have gone to Detroit many times to see concerts and even the Detroit Institute of Art, but it was so inspiring this time around to see a professional side to the city. I have never been in a news studio before so this was a very cool experience for me. As a journalist, it always seems that you only are sitting behind a computer writing, but it was very cool to see the other side in front of a television. You have to have the personality and charisma to persuade the audience that what you are saying is important to them. This will be very informative for when I have to do the pitch video because even if the audience doesn’t care, I have to MAKE them care.

The field trip to the news room was also a very cool experience. I always perceived a news room to be low lit and kind of depressing, the way that it is portrayed in the movies. However, this work environment was very fun and bright. Everyone in the news room was very enthusiastic about what they were talking about. It was also very cool that they wanted to include our input in whatever they were writing about, like asking Anna for an interview or even asking Lauren for the picture that she had. Overall the experience was very rewarding and I really enjoyed it!


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