Detroit Field Trip Reflection

I really enjoyed the field trip and found it to be really interesting.  First we went to the TV station and I thought that was really cool because we got to see them tape a segment and have a tour of the building to see how operations work at a major TV station.  I wish we had gotten to spend more time there because I thought it was really interesting and it was a cool experience to see everyone working together on that team to produce what we watch on TV.  After that we went to the Free Press and got to sit in on a meeting where they set out a plan for what was being done and what still needed to be done.  This was a really interesting experience because we got to see the dynamic of the people that work there and how business is done.  I thought the technology itself was really interesting that they use to look at who is looking at what parts of their site and for how long and I believe that can be really useful.  I feel like everyone at both offices would have a great deal to say about journalism and their jobs and how hard it can be in this line of work and this industry.  All of this was really great and I am thankful that I got the opportunity to see something this cool.


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