I Believe Reflection

I looked back over my responses at the beginning on the semester to the I Believe question prompts and i was surprised of how much is the same and that I just have more experiences to back up what I said.  I still agree with my statement that the most challenging part of journalism is to be objective, because it can be really hard to listen to both sides if you feel very strongly for one of them.  I also still agree that anyone can be a journalist if they take the time to research a topic and conduct interviews, however, this can come more naturally to some people versus others.  I think that the hardest part of doing journalism is to really just get people to talk to you about your topic since everyone is busy and they might not necessarily want to associate with the media.  I also disagree with some of the statements I made before, such as that I thought no news would be in print anymore, but I am finding that hard to believe now especially due to the presence of magazines.  I also said before that a good way to deliver news would be through social media, however, I have also now seen that this is already starting to become prevalent and I never used it and so I am unsure of if this is really an effective way to spread the news.  I think maybe just having more apps for news will be plenty sufficient to have news that is widely accessible.


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