I believe…

As I reflect back over another semester here at the University, my opinions about the news have definitely changed. One thing that I now believe is that there is no such thing as being unbiased in the news. Everything has an agenda whether the reporters want to admit to that or not. The stories they choose to cover, the quotes they choose to take from an interview, and the wording choices that they use when covering stories all are examples of biased behavior.  I also learned that in news it’s not necessarily what you are passionate about but what will get the most attention.  That differentiation between the passion angle and what will gain attention has certainly made writing my news feature difficult. In terms of the future for the news, I believe that it’s heading in the right direction, appealing to the millennials. Overall I am definitely glad that I took this course. It gave a me a much better understanding of journalism and its relation to other careers.


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