I Believe Reflection

It is was really interesting to look back on my thoughts on journalism and the media from the beginning of the semester. I still agree with one of my points, that the most challenging part of being a journalist is preventing biases from influencing one’s work. This was a challenge I faced throughout the semester while writing my news feature and depression assignment. The belief that changed the most was that professional news organizations will always play a large role in how I consume the news. I think that there is more space for alternative news sources, especially on the Internet. I have begun to realize that I read the news in several non-traditional sources, such as Tumblr blogs that focus on more niche issues. If I were to write my list of beliefs now, I would definitely include that I do not believe that people consume enough international news. People rarely read about events that happen in other countries, particularly in non-Western or lower income nations. I try to keep up with issues in places that interest me, but it is definitely more challenging than keeping up with American news. I hope that in the future this will change.


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