I Believe Reflection

When I first wrote my “I Believe” statements, I thought that the most difficult part of journalism would be dealing with backlash following a report on contentious issues. After writing my news feature, I realize that it is actually more difficult to get the proper sources to be willing to speak with you. I spent a lot of time trying to track down sources for my news feature, but found that certain people simply did not respond to me when I requested an interview. Further, I felt uncomfortable asking for a statement from certain high-profile people, because I felt that speaking with me would not be a top priority for them. I think this is a great challenge for some journalists, because you may have a great story idea, but you cannot execute it without the proper sources to give you your content. This is especially true when dealing with a subject that requires a statement from a government source, because I have found it is really difficult to contact the right people in order to get in touch with the individual and set up enough time to have all of your questions answered. Overall, I think contacting different people and getting enough sources to write a piece is one of the biggest challenges, and I certainly experienced that first hand.


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