I Believe Reflection

The most obvious perspective shift that I had in this class was changing from thinking that Journalism was a field that anyone could succeed at with the right writing skills and marketing abilities to thinking that success in Journalism really takes the right sort of innate personality. I felt like I was fighting against my nature in so many different ways throughout this course, most pointedly from being an introvert. Initially, I had imagined that Journalism required a good deal of social skills and prowess, but I had not considered the amount of social energy that is spent finding, and interviewing sources. I’ve found that journalism also requires a willingness to cross and push social boundaries; to recognize when someone is uncomfortable, acknowledge it, and keep pushing forward. Both of these aspects which I had not considered before make me believe that it takes a very particular type of robust personality to navigate this kind of field without draining oneself.

I no longer think that the most challenging aspect of journalism is presenting your information in a way that is simultaneously accurate and engaging, rather I think the most challenging aspect is having the willingness to exploit whatever resources come your way, regardless of how relevant they are, and being ready to make the most out of convenient opportunities. We saw this skill in action several times during the news room tour when journalists pulled aside members of our class to fill in gaps for their stories. The infectious eagerness of the journalists that we encountered lured me into wanting share before I had the chance to remember that I had more to lose than to gain by being quoted or filmed, and I don’t mean this in a negative light—I think it’s a truly impressive quality that undoubtably pays off for completing a story. The final challenge that I failed to identify at the beginning of the course is the difficulty of capturing a relevant photograph to a restricted scene, this is a struggle that I’m sure is shared by many journalists who are reporting on areas that are kept private.


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