Revised I Believe Statement…

I still believe that the best journalism is work that can provide insightful, informative, and accurate information. But after taking Environment 320, my view on the future of journalism has changed. Social media has allowed information to spread at rates faster than ever before and has created a medium for more people to contribute content. After reading about, I agree that “news coverage and hard-digging investigative reporting stand out in an Internet landscape long dominated by partisan commentary, gossip, vitriol, and citizen journalism posted by unpaid amateurs”. I believe organizations like these are the future of journalism.

My strength as a journalist is my passion and motivation. This semester I was able to cover a topic I was really interested in and because of that, I continued to dig deeper and deeper into it. But this leads to my greatest weakness. I got to a point where I couldn’t find the answers I wanted because the research doesn’t exist yet. Because of this, I felt discouraged and that my news feature wasn’t valuable unless I could give a complete explanation.

Writing this now, I realize that providing an answer to every question isn’t the point of journalism. It’s about raising awareness on certain issues and providing accurate information for those who are looking for it. Therefore, I think the future of journalism is ever-expanding as the average every day person wants easier access to higher quality and synthesized information.


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